Staying Safe Online

Staying Safe Online

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Remember Tron? The light-bikes, the incredible outfits and the amazing 1980s CGI? Everyone wanted to play in a virtual world like that. They quickly realised though, that the consequences of losing in the world of Tron could be just as bad as in the real one.

The parallels don’t end here though.

When you go online, you’re entering a virtual world. But the risks you face there are just as real and just as dangerous as the ones you face in real life. There are online predators, hackers, phishers, and criminal gangs, all waiting for an opportunity to strike. At best you might lose money. At worst you might lose your entire identity or be subjected to mental, or even physical, abuse.

What does this course cover?

Identifying online threats
Staying safe online
Improving computer security

Why should I take this course?

It’s vitally important that you stay in control of your personal data whilst on the internet. It affects everyone from the basic computer user to anyone that ventures onto the World Wide Web. Whether in your job or at home you’ll spend at least some work or leisure time online. This course will help you to stay safe in the virtual world.

Format : 15 minute Self-paced training through Caro & Co. Formation LMS. You will receive your login credential after your payment.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash